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Protect Your Pet with Routine Exams

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A Lifetime of Health for Your Pet

Routine exams are the best way to ensure your pet stays in great health. A trained veterinarian can spot potential diseases and other health concerns before they turn into major problems. Call today to schedule an exam with Alpine Veterinary Practice in Dillon, CO.


Bring in your adopted shelter pet within two weeks of adoption to receive a FREE exam! When you bring your pet to us, know that they'll always be treated with gentle hands and compassionate care.

Ensure your pet's health with necessary vaccinations at Alpine Veterinary Practice Clinic. You can count on our over 30 years of experience to make sure your pet gets all the shots it needs to stay healthy. Also, ask us about our preventative care and pain management services.


Vaccinations are the best prevention against disease. If you've recently adopted a puppy or kitten, make sure that you keep them up-to-date on their shots.

Get Your Pet Vaccinated Today